2018 Best Online Schools for Women in STEM


These 75 online schools are great options for female students pursuing degrees in STEM due to their demonstration of support for female students in those fields. Female students in these fields may face unique challenges in their educational pursuits, as women are widely underrepresented in STEM professions. Women make up almost half of the total workforce in the country but comprise only one quarter of the STEM workforce.2

As defined by the National Center for Education Statistics, STEM includes "agriculture and natural resources, architecture, biology and biomedical sciences, computer and information sciences, engineering and engineering technologies, health studies, mathematics and statistics, and physical and social sciences."1

We also highlight the most affordable online schools for women in STEM and the 15 best online colleges offering the strongest support to women studying STEM fields. View our methodology or learn more about SR Education Group.

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Comprehensive List of Online Schools for Women in STEM (75)


PowerToFly is a respected platform and community connecting skilled professionals with each other, and with companies committed to building diverse and inclusive environments. Browse their recommended schools (indicated by ) or learn more about their mission.

School Annual Tuition STEM-Friendly Score
Arizona State University $14,840 85.92
Auburn University $14,235 81.00
Boston University $33,020 83.99
California State University-Fullerton $13,611 67.13
Carnegie Mellon University $18,720 85.44
Case Western Reserve University $39,000 86.86
Clarkson University $20,175 80.17
Clemson University $22,176 80.50
Colorado State University-Fort Collins $12,528 88.67
Colorado State University-Global Campus $10,500 77.92
Columbia University in the City of New York $29,040 98.13
Drexel University $38,258 80.82
East Carolina University $13,459 73.07
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide $12,090 70.79
Florida International University $9,893 67.39
George Mason University $43,762 74.35
The George Washington University $15,480 85.23
Georgia Institute of Technology $2,550 91.28
Illinois Institute of Technology $22,050 82.97
Iowa State University $9,360 70.63
Johns Hopkins University $36,800 94.28
Lehigh University $22,700 77.29
Mercer University $16,200 68.56
Michigan State University $13,965 76.95
Michigan Technological University $16,740 72.50
Mississippi State University $7,215 75.98
Missouri University of Science and Technology $18,000 77.24
New Jersey Institute of Technology $18,720 82.10
North Carolina A&T State University $17,770 86.22
North Carolina State University $16,980 79.64
Northeastern University Global Network $15,120 93.70
Ohio State University-Main Campus $17,948 75.12
Oklahoma State University-Main Campus $17,666 73.64
Old Dominion University $11,670 74.85
Oregon State University $14,340 80.34
Pennsylvania State University-World Campus $14,594 75.93
Purdue University - Main Campus $12,639 83.21
Rochester Institute of Technology $15,525 72.66
Saint Louis University-Main Campus $19,200 83.36
Southern Methodist University $20,250 83.32
Stanford University $32,200 90.03
Syracuse University $23,385 73.82
Texas A&M University-College Station $15,058 83.03
Texas Tech University $6,570 76.78
University of Alabama $5,625 69.92
University of Alabama in Huntsville $8,595 68.11
University of Arizona - Engineering $14,925 68.85
University of Arkansas $4,791 73.18
University of California - Los Angeles $18,000 82.95
University of Central Florida $10,866 68.21
University of Colorado Boulder $24,000 86.40
University of Colorado Denver $11,375 65.84
University of Denver $28,935 89.31
University of Houston $15,079 76.90
University of Idaho $8,941 65.99
University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign $34,688 72.89
University of Kentucky $12,412 78.76
University of Maryland - College Park $17,295 82.19
University of Massachusetts - Amherst $20,740 68.62
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor $25,065 79.33
University of Michigan - Dearborn $14,040 93.85
University of New Haven $13,350 72.94
University of North Dakota $23,122 73.96
University of South Carolina-Columbia $20,364 73.89
University of South Florida - Main Campus $16,453 73.83
University of Southern California $28,070 95.87
The University of Tennessee - Knoxville $25,245 71.68
The University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley $8,761 68.30
The University of Texas at Arlington $15,304 72.70
The University of Texas at Dallas $27,398 77.28
University of Washington - Seattle $14,100 86.49
University of Wisconsin - Madison $19,500 77.29
Villanova University $20,925 93.11
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University $16,150 74.68
Worcester Polytechnic Institute $21,885 92.25

Who is PowerToFly?

PowerToFly was launched by Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski in 2014 to connect Fortune 500 companies and fast growing startups with women who are looking to work for companies that value gender diversity and inclusion. PowerToFly is building the platform to propel diversity recruiting and hiring and to unite a community of people striving for equal representation in the workplace.

Their mission is simple: encourage diversity recruiting and hiring by building the tools and employer branding services that emerging businesses and enterprises need.

The schools highlighted by PowerToFly were chosen because of their dedication and initiatives to empower women to start and succeed in their STEM careers. PowerToFly believes these schools are great options for women in STEM because they support their students by creating specific organizations and programming, hosting leadership and networking events and workshops, and providing additional resources for their female students pursuing STEM.

Best Online Schools Supporting Women in STEM

These 15 online schools are the best colleges offering the strongest support to women in STEM. In addition to having high percentages of female STEM students and a variety of online STEM degrees, all of the following schools earned the highest possible score for their online presence supporting women in STEM fields. For example, top-ranked Columbia University in the City of New York has a website devoted to women in science that provides links to online resources, books, and blogs for female students in the sciences. You can read our full methodology for these rankings here.

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  • Online Degrees: 75
  • Annual Tuition: $29,040
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 98.13
  • Accreditation: MSCHE
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Columbia University has a specialized organization called Women in Science at Columbia (WISC). This organization helps empower women and minorities to get more involved in STEM fields while in college. For students taking online classes, Columbia University offers technologies that enhance learning opportunities wherever there is Internet access. Students looking for an online graduate degree in science can investigate the Master of Science in Applied Analytics degree, which promotes learning for future leaders in the realm of data entry and framework. Columbia University was picked by PowerToFly because of its WISC program and its networking events, leadership workshops, and exclusive invitations to external events provided to its female STEM students.

Online Master's Degrees (36)

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Online Certificate Programs (24)

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  • Online Degrees: 34
  • Annual Tuition: $21,885
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 92.25
  • Accreditation: NECHE
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The Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) prides itself on bridging the equality gap in STEM fields across the world. WPI puts on a Women's Networking Night where students can make professional relationships and meet with global companies looking for women in STEM. The six-session Strategic Futuring Career-Life Planning Seminar is available for female students, and strives to help women at WPI set goals and plans for their futures. Online programs, like a Master in Mathematics degree, are not only more affordable for life-long learners, but also remote and thus more flexible for non-traditional students. Distance students can also find the Learning Sciences & Technologies Program to help with master's and doctoral work.

Online Master's Degrees (16)

Online Certificate Programs (12)

  • Online Degrees: 110
  • Annual Tuition: $15,120
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 93.70
  • Accreditation: NECHE
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The Northeastern University Global Network is a platform that reaches women in over 150 different countries. The "Women in STEM" evening is a Facebook Live event where a panel of women, involved in STEM fields, share their experiences, successes, and obstacles. These tips allow women to enter into the conversation of STEM in a safe and vibrant environment. The Global Network has a variety of STEM certifications and graduate degrees that allow students to make connections with global corporate companies like General Electric and IBM.

  • Online Degrees: 28
  • Annual Tuition: $18,720
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 85.44
  • Accreditation: MSCHE
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Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) enrolls nearly 50% of women in STEM degrees. They accomplish this by using a strategy which calls for a diversified setting to promote higher learning. Statistics have shown this to be a success by bringing in more women and minorities into STEM degrees. Students who enjoy online STEM learning can apply for the Software Engineering Masters Program at the Institute for Software Research. Their technology allows for learning on the job, as data can be entered in an online environment.

  • Online Degrees: 59
  • Annual Tuition: $32,200
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 90.03
  • Accreditation: WASC WSCUC
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Stanford University partners with the Women's Community Center to create a network for female students in STEM fields. The university brings in speakers and builds in time for networking sessions to make real connections happen. Online students can find a wealth of classes from the Stanford School of Engineering, which helps students work toward degrees, graduate certificates, and professional programs. Stanford Online's vision is to foster learning to the next generation that is creative and innovative to solve the world's STEM problems.

Online Master's Degrees (17)

Online Certificate Programs (28)

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  • Online Degrees: 16
  • Annual Tuition: $39,000
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 86.86
  • Accreditation: HLC
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Case Western Reserve University's Learning Lab for Women in STEM is an organization that hires faculty who have both a degree and work experience in STEM fields. The organization hires faculty who not only have a degree in STEM, but also work experiences to add to their knowledge. Within the organization, programs for women can be online for flexibility. Specialized programs online include Master of Engineering and a plethora of Master of Science degrees like Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems & Control Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and many more.

  • Online Degrees: 119
  • Annual Tuition: $28,070
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 95.87
  • Accreditation: WASC WSCUC
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The University of Southern California created the WiSE program to promote increased involvement of women in STEM programs. Creative opportunities come in the form of lecture series, grants, awards, and research programs to further STEM growth among women. Online STEM opportunities happen through USC Rossier Online. This platform offers online connections with professors leading the way through conversations, programs, classes, and certifications that are directed toward English and Spanish speaking students looking to further their STEM education.

Online Master's Degrees (50)

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Online Certificate Programs (12)

  • Online Degrees: 46
  • Annual Tuition: $14,040
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 93.85
  • Accreditation: HLC
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The University of Michigan - Dearborn may be an extension campus of Ann Arbor, but it has created an environment where women thrive in STEM education. It starts with the Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL) program, which encourages female students to make change happen on campus, in the community, across the nation, and throughout the world. This program develops female leaders who go on to receive STEM degrees and work in professional companies out in the world. The Dearborn campus allows for online learning to help with STEM development through bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees.

Online Master's Degrees (25)

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Online Certificate Programs (8)

  • Online Degrees: 143
  • Annual Tuition: $15,480
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 85.23
  • Accreditation: MSCHE
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At The George Washington University, there is an annual GW Women in STEM Symposium. This event brings in women who are pursuing a degree in STEM to meet other female alum and industry leaders in the same field. Online opportunities are readily available at the university, and students can find certificates from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, like one for Greenhouse Gas Management. Online learners will be able to find other degrees in education, business, the arts, and legal services.

Online Associate Degrees (2)

Online Bachelor's Degrees (13)

Online Master's Degrees (31)

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Online Doctoral Degrees (3)

Online Certificate Programs (18)

  • Online Degrees: 71
  • Annual Tuition: $20,925
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 93.11
  • Accreditation: MSCHE
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Villanova University has committed itself to helping women pursue studies and careers in engineering fields. In the last decade, there have been 10% more female students enrolling in the College of Engineering. To help encourage and continue this growth, the Villanova University has an Engineering is for Girls! Day to promote STEM careers. E-Learning is vital to Villanova University's method of driving online STEM education. Student engagement is how the university believes they are instilling knowledge and limiting instructional gaps.

Online Associate Degrees (1)

Online Master's Degrees (27)

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Online Certificate Programs (8)

  • Online Degrees: 59
  • Annual Tuition: $17,770
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 86.22
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
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Since 1950, North Carolina A&T State University has had the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). This organization has succeeded in advancing more opportunities for women in STEM education. Through networking and community support, female students have been given more opportunities in these fields. At this university, distance learners are also welcome to earn degrees for IT professions and other certifications. Distance Learning through North Carolina A&T State University is a new platform connecting with today's students.

  • Online Degrees: 360
  • Annual Tuition: $36,800
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 94.28
  • Accreditation: MSCHE
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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a formative program from Johns Hopkins University. The Center for Education Outreach (CEO) saw a need for young women in the area to be empowered, and the WISE program was born to help female high school students learn about STEM, while allowing female college students to help inspire them. For these same college students, Johns Hopkins University has helped distant learners earn degrees since 2001. Their top-notice technology allows for STEM learning in a whole new way.

Online Bachelor's Degrees (2)

Online Master's Degrees (48)

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Online Doctoral Degrees (10)

Online Certificate Programs (54)

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  • Online Degrees: 24
  • Annual Tuition: $22,176
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 80.50
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
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At Clemson University, the purpose of WISER LLC is to continue to have women earning degrees in science and engineering. This STEM program fosters a community of strength together, as they prepare through mentoring, certification, and workshops. An online presence is available to distance learners looking for an engaging and rich experience. Clemson University's online Master of Education Teaching and Learning program was ranked #1 nationwide for their positive learning environment.

  • Online Degrees: 33
  • Annual Tuition: $2,550
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 91.28
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
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The Georgia Institute of Technology and the Center for Study of Women, Science, and Technology (WST) partner together to help retain female students in STEM fields. They accomplish this through mentoring, lectures, and research partnerships between students and faculty members. An online presence allows for MS degrees like Electrical and Computer Engineering. Through Georgia Tech Online, students are able to cut costs, while still receiving a world-class education to learn new skills and enhance prior knowledge.

Online Master's Degrees (25)

  • Online Degrees: 128
  • Annual Tuition: $28,935
  • STEM-Friendly Score: 89.31
  • Accreditation: HLC
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At the University of Denver, the Colorado Women's College (CWC) connects with female secondary students to create an interest in STEM education. Former alums and current college students work together to give young women more opportunities to participate in STEM activities. College students are also able to work online to receive a variety of certificates. Distance learners can also choose from 6 bachelor's degrees and 62 master's degrees through the Online Learning from University College.

Online Bachelor's Degrees (1)

Online Master's Degrees (26)

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Online Doctoral Degrees (1)

Online Certificate Programs (19)

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