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Online degrees are available in over 134 popular subjects that cover 14,733 unique programs from online schools. They are available at the associate, bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and certificate levels. Every school on our website is accredited by an organization recognized by the Department of Education. This list provides the number of online colleges offering degrees in every subject as well as any program-specific accreditation students should pay attention to and average salary statistics.

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A Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Accounting 260 750 $112,431 AACSB, ACBSP
Aerospace Engineering 28 85 $119,876 ABET
Agriculture 49 211 Not Reported Institutional
Anthropology 23 50 $80,857 Institutional
Architecture 19 44 $65,166 NAAB
Art & Design 58 145 $69,322 NASAD
Art History 9 15 Not Reported Institutional
Aviation 31 70 $99,153 AABI
B Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Biology 70 189 $106,694 Institutional
Business 525 5,462 $99,620 AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE
C Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
CAD/Computer Aided Drafting 4 5 $94,602 Institutional
Chemical Engineering 19 42 $129,352 ABET
Child Development 14 28 $82,942 APA
Christian Counseling 28 95 $52,631 ACPE
Civil Engineering 42 186 $110,226 ABET
Communications 238 929 $90,699 ACEJMC
Computer Engineering 52 142 $113,297 ABET
Computer Science 176 619 $110,849 ABET
Conflict Resolution 39 102 $86,647 Institutional
Construction Management 45 83 $96,238 ACCE, ATMAE
Counseling 199 707 $66,112 CACREP
Counseling Psychology 59 102 Not Reported Institutional
Creative Writing 42 82 Not Reported Institutional
Criminal Justice 272 1,010 $77,351 Institutional
Criminology 68 118 Not Reported Institutional
Cyber Security 188 589 $77,370 Institutional
D Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Data Science 139 300 $113,436 Institutional
Dental Assistant 4 4 $84,666 CODA
Dental Hygiene 22 37 Not Reported Institutional
E Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Early Childhood Education 178 482 $59,382 CAEP, NAEYC
Economics 78 167 $128,968 AACSB
Education 503 6,798 $66,247 CAEP, CEA
Educational Leadership 307 1,288 $69,182 Institutional
Electrical Engineering 72 248 $128,208 ABET
Elementary Education 161 479 $55,838 CAEP, TEAC
Emergency Management 107 322 $65,000 Institutional
Engineering 262 2,123 $119,022 ABET
Engineering Management 91 231 Not Reported Institutional
English 151 317 $85,136 Institutional
Environmental Science 145 645 $97,964 Institutional
ESL 153 311 $59,876 CEA
Exercise Science 45 100 $47,010 Institutional
F Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Fashion 14 29 $80,492 Institutional
Finance 253 617 $126,596 AACSB
Fire Science 29 62 $77,370 Institutional
Forensic Accounting 25 37 Not Reported Institutional
Forensic Psychology 23 85 $61,167 APA
Forensic Science 64 192 $77,370 AAFS
G Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Geographic Information Systems 64 148 $85,942 Institutional
Graphic Design 29 49 $67,240 NASAD
Gunsmithing 2 2 $60,744 Institutional
H Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Health Education 137 239 Not Reported Institutional
Healthcare Administration 52 243 $86,240 CAHME
Healthcare Informatics 25 62 $74,932 CAHIIM, CAHME
Healthcare Management 59 179 $84,270 CAHME
History 97 234 $95,527 Institutional
Holistic Medicine 14 22 $82,343 CNME
Homeland Security 109 431 $77,370 Institutional
Hospitality Management 78 176 $91,358 ACPHA
Human Resources 222 629 $91,774 AACSB, ACBSP
Human Services 41 401 $67,692 Institutional
HVAC 4 6 $84,066 Institutional
I Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Industrial Engineering 48 121 $112,807 ABET
Information Technology 267 1,476 Not Reported ABET
Interior Design 11 16 $66,683 NASAD
J Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Journalism 82 176 Not Reported ACEJMC
L Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Landscape Design 4 4 Not Reported LAAB
Law 94 318 $89,972 ABA
Law Enforcement 75 116 $77,370 Institutional
Legal Nurse Consulting 3 3 Not Reported Institutional
Liberal Studies 344 1,329 $86,591 Institutional
Library Science 79 241 Not Reported ALA
M Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Management 539 5,457 $94,996 AACSB
Marketing 53 185 $92,412 AACSB
Marriage & Family Therapy 44 145 $74,138 COAMFTE
Mathematics 114 249 $113,354 Institutional
MBA 377 2,203 $61,690 - $101,650 AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE
Mechanical Engineering 48 121 $122,137 ABET
Medical Assistant 16 24 $84,666 Institutional
Medical Billing & Coding 32 52 $89,944 Institutional
Medical Office Administration 25 34 $89,944 Institutional
MFA 13 26 Not Reported Institutional
MPA 84 230 Not Reported Institutional
MSW 58 146 $60,900 CSWE
Music 57 126 $66,799 NASM
N Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Network Administration 54 90 $75,587 ABET
Nurse Practitioner (NP) 147 628 $89,960 ACEN, CCNE
Nursing 360 2,051 $90,593 ACEN, CCNE
Nutrition 8 20 $73,148 ACEND
O Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Occupational Safety 25 62 Not Reported ABET
Occupational Therapy 25 40 Not Reported Institutional
Organizational Leadership 376 1,697 $96,261 AACSB
P Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Paralegal 38 74 $77,557 Institutional
Personal Training 12 23 $31,720 Institutional
Pharmacy 34 88 $110,792 ACPE
Pharmacy Technician 11 14 $74,932 ACPE, ASHP
Philosophy 27 34 $84,037 Institutional
Phlebotomy 1 1 $91,592 NAACLS
Photography 4 7 $68,087 Institutional
Physical Education 55 110 $71,709 Institutional
Physical Therapy 21 33 $78,796 APTA
Physician Assistant 4 7 $91,592 ARC-PA
Physics 23 48 $114,871 CAMPEP
Political Science 77 211 $106,103 Institutional
Project Management 144 440 $96,116 AACSB, PMI-GAC
Psychology 278 1,082 $83,100 APA
Public Administration 252 1,023 $70,172 NASPAA
Public Health 163 588 $79,404 CEPH
Public Relations 70 114 Not Reported Institutional
R Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Radiology 28 57 Not Reported JRCERT
Real Estate 23 40 $96,146 Institutional
Religious Studies 9 254 $73,387 ACPE
Respiratory Therapy 26 42 $89,299 CoARC
S Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
School Counseling 61 90 $49,685 CACREP
Secondary Education 135 462 $63,328 CAEP, TEAC
Social Work 113 307 $65,796 CSWE
Sociology 91 183 $65,166 Institutional
Software Engineering 76 148 $111,463 ABET
Sonography 5 8 Not Reported Institutional
Spanish 30 54 $59,731 Institutional
Special Education 255 1,037 $62,128 CAA, CAEP
Speech Pathology 20 27 Not Reported CAA
Sports Management 148 345 $69,258 Institutional
Statistics 38 78 Not Reported Institutional
Substance Abuse Counseling 62 115 $74,138 CACREP
Supply Chain Management 133 290 Not Reported Institutional
Systems Engineering 68 222 $113,933 ABET
T Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Teaching 338 1,785 $66,226 CAEP, TEAC
Theology 49 179 Not Reported Institutional
V Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Veterinary Technician 7 13 $74,932 AVMA COE
Video Game Design 20 33 $58,510 Institutional
Vocational 40 99 $91,833 Institutional
W Online Schools Programs Annual Salary Accreditation
Web Design 41 59 $85,461 Institutional
Web Development 58 107 $75,587 Institutional

Choosing an Online Degree Level

Associate Degree

Degrees Available
Online Schools
Avg. Annual Tuition

Online associate degrees typically can be completed in two years and are available for a variety of programs. Graduates of an associate degree program will often be more competitive in the job market, especially in technical and vocational fields, compared to those with only a high school diploma or GED. Online associate degrees are also a solid stepping stone for those looking to continue on to more advanced degrees.

Bachelor’s Degree

Degrees Available
Online Schools
Avg. Annual Tuition
Average Salary

Bachelor’s degree programs can usually be completed online in four years. Bachelor’s programs are available online in almost any area of study imaginable, from popular subjects such as engineering, to less common subjects such as personal training or Christian counseling. Graduates of an online bachelor’s degree program will find themselves to be qualified for a wide-range of jobs, and may advance their studies by pursuing a master’s degree if they so desire.

Master’s Degree

Degrees Available
Online Schools
Avg. Annual Tuition
Average Salary

Online master’s degree programs are a valuable option to students hoping to pursue graduate level education at a flexible pace, as many programs are designed to allow students to continue working while completing their studies. Online master’s degrees typically take two years to complete, and are available online in most subjects. Many schools, such as Dallas Baptist University, Liberty University, and Southern New Hampshire University Online offer over 100 different online graduate degree options.

Doctoral Degree

Degrees Available
Online Schools
Avg. Annual Tuition
Average Salary

Obtaining a doctoral degree is one of the ultimate ways to achieve excellence in a field, and there are a variety of online doctorates available. Time required for completion of these degrees varies, and many degrees are available at a reasonable rate from highly recommended institutions, such as The George Washington University and Texas A&M University-College Station. Prospective doctoral students can explore degree offerings in business, psychology, computer science, and a wide variety of other subject areas.


Degrees Available
Online Schools
Avg. Annual Tuition
Average Salary

Certificates are available online for students at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Online certificates can serve as a supplement to a degree, or as a standalone qualification. There are over 5,000 online certificate programs to choose from, many leading to job opportunities as physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, dental assistants, and veterinary technicians.

Popular Areas of Online Study


Associate Degrees Available
Bachelor's Degrees Available
Master's Degrees Available
Doctoral Degrees Available

Online business degree programs aim to develop overall analytic, writing, and project management skills as well as an understanding of how organizations work. Those interested in accounting will find 334 online programs to choose from, at all degree levels, and may be qualified for jobs ranging from auditor to accountant upon graduation. Finance is another popular specialty for those seeking an online business degree and 184 schools offer fully online finance degrees, potentially leading to careers in financial management, budget analysis, and financial advising. Students hoping to pursue business careers related to management or administration might be interested in learning more about online human resources or management degrees.

Criminal Justice

Associate Degrees Available
Bachelor's Degrees Available
Master's Degrees Available
Doctoral Degrees Available

Are you interested in pursuing a career related to law enforcement, the correctional system, the courts, or perhaps all three? If so, an online degree in criminal justice, or related subjects such as forensics, corrections, and criminology may be of interest to you. Learn about crime from a social perspective with an online criminology degree, of which there are multiple levels available, even an online doctorate. Or, take a more hands-on approach to dealing with crime by studying law enforcement online, and preparing for career in the police force or police administration. Those interested in cracking cases might be interested in exploring available online options for degrees in crime scene investigation or forensic science.

Art & Design

Associate Degrees Available
Bachelor's Degrees Available
Master's Degrees Available
Doctoral Degrees Available

Those looking for a creative degree will appreciate our comprehensive list of 54 degrees and 30 colleges that offer fully online degrees in art & design related areas. Graphic design degrees are a popular route for online art & design students, with 7 online graphic design degrees available at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and certificate levels. Prospective online art students will also find a number of fine arts degrees available, as well as degrees in music and film production. An online art & design degree can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities, from positions in art education, to roles in advertising, web design, and media. Whatever your talents and interests, Guide to Online Schools has information about the online degree programs best suited to meet your career goals as an artist, fashion designer, or even architect.


Associate Degrees Available
Bachelor's Degrees Available
Master's Degrees Available
Doctoral Degrees Available

If you are passionate about teaching, pursuing an online education degree will equip you will the skills necessary to make a difference in the lives of others through education. Of the 3,776 education degrees available fully online, students will find degrees tailored to a wide variety of specialties. With 283 elementary education degrees, 205 early childhood education degrees, 588 online degrees in curriculum and instruction, 654 online degrees in administration and leadership, 216 higher education degrees, 213 reading and literacy online degrees, and 596 online degrees in special education to choose from, students picking an online degree program in education should keep their career goals in mind. There are also online degree options available at every level, from associate to doctoral. Pursuing a degree in online education degree will help students realize their dreams of becoming teachers, principals, higher education administrators, and more.

Liberal Studies

Associate Degrees Available
Bachelor's Degrees Available
Master's Degrees Available
Doctoral Degrees Available

Whether you are drawn to a specific subject, or hoping to broaden your worldview and develop stronger critical thinking and communication skills, an online degree falling under the umbrella of liberal studies may be for you. The field of liberal studies includes a wide array of subjects, from English to anthropology, physics to mathematics, psychology to music. 201 associate degrees, 840 bachelor’s degrees, 233 master’s degrees, 2 doctoral degrees, and 53 certificates in liberal studies subjects are available in a fully online format. Because career paths for graduates with a liberal studies degree vary widely depending on program of study, looking over our more specific subject pages will help you learn what to expect.


Associate Degrees Available
Bachelor's Degrees Available
Master's Degrees Available
Doctoral Degrees Available

If your goal is to apply scientific skills to real world problems, engineering is a field you should explore. Online engineering programs are available at the introductory level for new students, with a number of options at both the associate and bachelor’s level. For those more experienced in the field, online master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering are available as well. Interested students should also research what engineering specializations appeal them, as online programs are available in areas such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, software engineering and mechanical engineering. Graduates of an online engineering degree program may find work at research labs, governmental agencies, large corporations, construction sites, or small companies.


Associate Degrees Available
Bachelor's Degrees Available
Master's Degrees Available
Doctoral Degrees Available

A wide range of healthcare related degrees are available online, including programs in nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, personal training, public health, respiratory therapy, healthcare administration and medical and dental assisting. These online degree programs prepare students interested promoting health and wellness to ensure others maintain healthy lives. Careers in healthcare vary from hands-on positions, like working as a dental assistant, to more administrative positions, such as working behind the scenes to provide others with exceptional care. Online degrees in healthcare related fields are available at all levels, with a variety of associate, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and certificate degrees to choose from.

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