2019 Accredited Online Web Development Degrees

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Accreditation: Institutional
Degree Levels: Associate, Bachelor's, Master's, and Certificate
Avg Tuition: $31,675
Avg Salary: $76,446

This comprehensive list of online web development degrees at 12 schools includes programs at levels from associate to master’s. Web development combines, art and creativity with computer science to build websites. Valued for their technical knowledge about creating, designing, and running programs and applications for the internet, web developers can create a website from the bottom up. They use programming languages such as HTML or JavaScript to serve the needs of clients and businesses. As e-commerce continues to expand, web development is one of the fastest growing careers and is expected to grow until the year 2024.

Students looking to complete a degree in web development should be sure to enroll in an accredited online college or university. Accreditation is an important factor when choosing a school because it ensures that the program meets national standards.

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Comprehensive List of Accredited Online Schools - Web Development Degrees ( 12)

School Accreditation Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Arizona State University HLC $6,342 - $25,018 71% (88 reviews)
223 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • MS in Computer Science
Boston University NECHE $51,716 100% (2 reviews)
87 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Science in Computer Information Systems - Web Application Development
Dakota State University HLC $11,277 100% (1 review)
45 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - Application Development Specialization
East Carolina University SACS COC $20,419 100% (4 reviews)
120 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Science in Network Technology - Web Technologies
Illinois Institute of Technology HLC $30,287 Add Review
70 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Information Technology and Management in Web Design and Application Development
Lynn University SACS COC $13,420 100% (1 review)
37 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Business Administration - Web Development Management
Northeastern University NECHE $23,688 100% (10 reviews)
314 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Professional Studies in Informatics - Cloud Computing Application and Management
Northern Arizona University HLC $18,619 72% (18 reviews)
159 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Computer Information Technology - Mobile and Web Application Development
Nova Southeastern University SACS COC $20,419 71% (7 reviews)
202 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Science in Information Technology - Application Development
Saint Xavier University HLC $16,450 Add Review
44 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • MACS - Web Development
University of Colorado Denver HLC $23,499 100% (2 reviews)
104 Programs, 1 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - Web and Mobile Computing
University of Michigan - Dearborn HLC $21,098 Add Review
83 Programs, 3 Master's in Web Development (view all)
  • MS in Computer and Information Science - Web/Cloud Computing (Project Option)
  • MS in Computer and Information Science - Web/Cloud Computing (Thesis Option)
  • MS in Information Systems and Technology - Web Information Management

Online Web Development Degree Overview & Career Information

An online associate degree in web development is often sufficient to help graduates find entry-level employment in fields such as technology, education, government, business, and more. Students who graduate with associate degrees in this field typically move on to pursue a bachelor's degree after some years of experience.

A bachelor’s degree in web development allows for more advanced job placements in large tech companies, businesses, and other institutions. Specializations in web design and software development are typically offered in conjunction with web development programs for better employability.

A master’s degree requires students to have a bachelor's degree with some years of professional experience before admission. Students will be exposed to other areas of web development and internet engineering to give them a wider set of skills to fulfill more advanced roles.

An online certificate program in web development is ideal for professionals with years of experience or graduates of a related field looking to breach into web development. These programs are made to give a student specialized knowledge in a specific area within the field of web development such as web design, client-side scripting, and more.

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Online Associate Degrees in Web Development

Online associate's degrees are ideal for those looking for a quick and convenient way to gain basic web development and design skills. These programs are flexible and designed to fit the needs of busy working adults who wish to learn while still working a full-time or part-time job. An associate's degree in web development can help prepare graduates to enter various fields such as finance, education, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and more. Students also have the option of continuing on to a bachelor's degree in the future.

Program Requirements

While admission requirements may vary depending on your chosen institution, a high school diploma or GED is often a basic requirement for admission. An online web development associate's degree will typically require students to finish around 60-course credits to graduate. Some courses are condensed into 7-week long formats while more complex courses take 15 weeks to complete.


Students should develop a foundation in web basics and learn core web development techniques when pursuing an associate’s degree. Courses in web development typically include graphics and fundamentals of programming, and these classes will help prepare students to understand and create the apps and websites that run the internet.

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Online Bachelor's Degrees in Web Development

An online bachelor's degree in web development equips a student with the well-rounded knowledge and a developed skill set necessary to start a successful career in various fields such as technology, education, web design, media, and more.

Program Requirements

A student will be required to complete an average of 120 course credits for this degree level. A high school transcript or GED is required for enrolling in this degree level. A letter of recommendation may also be required by some institutions. Students with an associate's degree in a similar field have the option of having their transcripts assessed for transferable credits. This degree level is typically offered in online community colleges, technical schools, and universities.


Students pursuing online bachelor’s degrees should expect to develop strong problem-solving skills in a programming language, understand database systems, and integrate applications, technology, and devices for websites. On top of general education courses, students will gain hands-on experience in client-side languages, database systems, and server-side scripting. Optional elective classes also include web and mobile user experience, mobile application design and development, digital commerce, and more. Some online bachelor's degree programs on web development incorporate web design, software development, and other related specializations in their programs for better employability upon graduation.

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Online Master's in Web Development

Online master's degrees cover broader and more technical aspects of web development. This degree level will help prepare you for advanced job placements in tech companies, businesses, government, and more.

Program Requirements

An online master's degree in web development can take 15 to 24 months to complete and will require students to have a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as computer science, engineering, statistics, or mathematics, before being admitted to the program. A student will complete 30 to 36 credits of required courses. This degree level is typically offered at online colleges and technical universities.


Core courses include relational database design, XML programming, PHP programming, website development with HTML/JavaScript, principles of designing and engineering computer networks, and more. Many programs specialize in internet engineering, computer science, application development, web development management, information systems, and mobile computing. Students will most likely complete an individual project to demonstrate that they understand the advanced applications and knowledge necessary in web development.

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Online Certificates in Web Development

Those who don't have any experience in the field or have only graduated high school can find an undergraduate certificate program helpful to gain knowledge and to jumpstart their careers. Careers that may be available include database administrators and webmasters. Online graduate certificate programs in web development are great for those who already possess a bachelor's or master's degree in a related field as well as for those with relevant work experience looking to gain specific knowledge and skills for career advancement. Certificate programs in this field come in a variety of specializations such as e-commerce development, web design, web management, application development, and more. Careers available for graduates of this level can include more advanced or specific job placements in their current field.

Programs at this level require an average of 12-course credits and can take anywhere from 30 weeks to one year to complete. Classes will include basic web development courses for those who did not graduate from a web development program, interaction design, client-side scripting, law of cyberspace, and more. Online programs at this degree level are offered in online colleges, technical schools, and universities. 

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The Importance of an Accredited Online Web Development Degree

Web development is a technical field that holds high professional standards. When selecting the best program, it is important to choose an online institution that is accredited and recognized by a regional accrediting body. This ensures that the program and curriculum meet national standards and will help equip students with the right tools and knowledge for a successful career in their chosen field. Choosing to study at an institution with regional accreditation also can help transfer credits easier for those who wish to pursue a higher level of education in the future. Accrediting agencies should always be recognized by the US Department of Education. While it does not provide accreditation for educational institutions and/or programs, the US Department of Education oversees the accreditation system by reviewing all of the federally-recognized agencies providing accreditation. For more information, please consult our comprehensive accreditation hub.

What Can You Do With a Web Development Degree?

Web development is becoming an increasingly popular degree choice for students due to its excellent career prospects and high demand. Web developers are in high demand in many industries including business, healthcare, government, education, entertainment, and more. Demands for developers trained in accredited institutions are expected to grow as more and more companies are putting importance in building their online presence in the digital age. Graduates of web development can find themselves working jobs in a wide variety of fields and interacting with different clients. A web developer will gain experience in almost every stage of website creation; from conceptualization, execution, until maintenance. Most web developers will find themselves providing consultation on user experience and website functions.

Some web developers will oversee and take care of every aspect of a website’s construction. These are often called full stack developers. However, others will specialize in certain aspects of web development. Such specializations include:

  • Back-end web developers: Back-end web developers are in charge of managing and maintaining the technical construction of the server, application, and database of a website. Their work builds the framework that ensures the site to function as expected.
  • Front-end web developers: Front-end web developers create and manage a website’s user-facing code. Using tools such as HTML, CSS, and web frameworks, they work closely with web designers to translate the designs from mock-ups and wireframes to something users can interact with.
  • Webmasters: Webmasters will maintain and update websites to ensure that they are operating correctly, testing for broken links and keeping content relevant.


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