2019 Best Online Project Management Degrees and Certificates

Online project management degree programs are offered at the certificate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels to help prepare aspiring project managers for careers in finance, information technology, and many other industries. Our best online bachelor's programs and best online master's programs highlight exceptional options, based on tuition costs and alumni salaries reported by PayScale. Prospective students should research accredited project management programs to ensure the best academic experience.

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2019 Best Online Colleges Offering Bachelor's in Project Management Degrees

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Distance students looking for the best online bachelor's degrees in project management should consider these schools. Ranking #1 out of 19, Assumption College has a tuition of $40,208 and a high average alumni salary of $113,800. City University of Seattle ranks #2, with a median salary of $93,000. The lowest tuition on the list, $6,060, can be found at Clayton State University.

Alumni salaries were provided by PayScale. View our methodology for more details or learn more about SR Education Group.

Rank School Annual Tuition Median Salary
#1 #1 $40,208 $113,800
#2 #2 $20,520 $93,000
#3 #3 $12,150 $86,200
#4 #4 $9,792 $84,500
#5 #5 $7,950 $81,700
#6 #6 $16,650 $81,600
#7 #7 $14,070 $76,600
#8 #8 $12,090 $71,700
#9 #9 $13,600 $71,700
#10 #10 $13,280 $71,100
#11 #11 $16,468 $71,100
#12 #12 $9,600 $70,100
#13 #13 $15,680 $70,100
#14 #14 $11,700 $66,900
#15 #15 $12,000 $65,600
#16 #16 $15,900 $65,100
#17 #17 $43,160 $68,200
#18 #18 $6,060 $59,400
#19 #19 $12,480 $54,000
Salary data provided by Payscale Logo. Updated 2018.

Comprehensive List of Accredited Online Schools - Project Management Degrees ( 146)

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Partner School
Partner School
Full List Accreditation Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Full List (149)
Abraham Lincoln University DEAC $7,500 100% (2 reviews)
38 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • Coaching Certificate
Amberton University SACS COC $6,370 83% (6 reviews)
25 Programs, 5 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Project Management
  • Graduate Specializations in Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration - Project Management
  • Master of Science in Agile Project Management
American InterContinental University HLC Not Provided 66% (163 reviews)
47 Programs, 3 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor's (BBA) - Project Management
  • Master of Science (MSIT) - IT Project Management
  • MBA - Project Management
American Public University System HLC $6,880 71% (146 reviews)
462 Programs, 4 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Management - Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management
  • Master of Science in Information Technology - IT Project Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate in IT Project Management Essentials
American University MSCHE $46,615 100% (2 reviews)
54 Programs, 4 in Project Management (view all)
  • Graduate Certificate in Agile Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • MS in Agile Project Management
  • MS in Measurement and Evaluation
Antioch University Online HLC $19,776 33% (3 reviews)
15 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • BA in Management - Project Management
Arizona State University HLC $15,691 - $27,372 71% (88 reviews)
226 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • BA in Organizational Leadership - Project Management
Ashford University WASC WSCUC $10,632 - $13,400 67% (646 reviews)
212 Programs, 10 in Project Management (view all)
  • BA/Accounting - Project Management Specialization
  • BA/Business Administration - Project Management Specialization
  • BA/Health Care Administration - Project Management Specialization
  • BA/Organizational Management - Project Management Specialization
Assumption College NECHE $39,598 Add Review
39 Programs, 2 in Project Management (view all)
  • Associate of Science in Business Administration - Project Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration - Project Management
Austin Peay State University SACS COC $23,153 50% (2 reviews)
60 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Avila University HLC $28,020 Add Review
6 Programs, 2 in Project Management (view all)
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  • Master of Arts in Management - Project Management
Baker College Online HLC $9,360 60% (88 reviews)
71 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • Information Systems - Project Management - Bachelor
Bellevue University HLC $7,752 69% (58 reviews)
189 Programs, 8 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Science in Project Management
  • Certificate of Completion in IT Project Manageme
  • Master of Arts in Business and Professional Communication - Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration - Project Management
Boston University NECHE $52,082 100% (2 reviews)
87 Programs, 5 in Project Management (view all)
  • Certificate in Product Design
  • Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  • Master of Science in Computer Information Systems - IT Project Management
Brandeis University NECHE $53,537 Add Review
13 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • Master of Science in Project and Program Management
Brenau University SACS COC $28,510 Add Review
92 Programs, 3 in Project Management (view all)
  • Master of Business Administration in Project Management
  • Master of Science in Organizational Leadership-Project Management
  • Post Graduate Certificate - Project Management
Capella University HLC $14,250 65% (582 reviews)
232 Programs, 9 in Project Management (view all)
  • BS - Project Management: Business (ACBSP-, PMI-GAC-accredited)
  • BS - Project Management: IT (ABET, PMI-GAC-accredited)
  • DBA - Project Management
  • DIT - Project Management
Carlow University MSCHE $28,596 Add Review
31 Programs, 2 in Project Management (view all)
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration - Project Management
Central Michigan University HLC $23,670 67% (3 reviews)
85 Programs, 3 in Project Management (view all)
  • Graduate Certificate in Research Administration
  • Master of Science in Administration - Research Administration
  • Master of Science in Information Systems - Project Management
Central Washington University NWCCU $22,010 100% (1 review)
45 Programs, 3 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology & Administrative Management - Project Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Administrative Management - Project Management
  • Certificate in Project Management
Champlain College NECHE $39,818 100% (3 reviews)
99 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • Project Management Certificate
Charleston Southern University SACS COC $24,840 Add Review
37 Programs, 2 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Science in Project Management
  • Master of Science in Project Management
Charter Oak State College NECHE $9,333 - $10,437 75% (4 reviews)
60 Programs, 2 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Project Management
  • Certificate in Project Management
City University of Seattle NWCCU $16,920 54% (28 reviews)
67 Programs, 8 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Project Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Project Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Project Management - Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Project Management - Specialized Study
Clayton State University SACS COC $15,880 Add Review
33 Programs, 1 in Project Management (view all)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology Management - Project Supervision
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Online Project Management Degree Overview & Career Information

Online project management certificates offer concentrated training on management skills through courses ranging from cost management to communications. The graduate-level certificates are open to students with an accredited undergraduate degree. Most certificates take a year or less to complete, making it a great option for working professionals to enhance their management opportunities.

Online bachelor’s degrees typically include topics in organizational leadership, project risk management, contracts and procurement, project performance and quality assurance, and project scheduling and cost. Bachelor's programs usually have a capstone project requirement aimed at enhancing the students’ practical knowledge in the field.

The online master’s degree curriculum covers several key knowledge areas, including assessing and mitigating risk, project planning, execution and closure, schedule and cost control techniques, contracting and procurement in project management, and project management processes. A capstone project is a typical requirement in master’s programs.

Online doctoral project management degree programs explore theoretical underpinnings in project management at a far deeper level than other academic programs. The doctoral curriculum covers areas such as advanced project management methodologies, advanced risk management systems, and contemporary leadership theories and practices. Doctoral students are also required to take a comprehensive exam and complete a dissertation.

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Online Bachelor's Degrees in Project Management

Online bachelor’s degrees in project management help prepare students to navigate the many aspects of a project that they see through from beginning to end. The project management bachelor's degree often combines general business skills with particular leadership strategies for bringing complex projects to completion.

Program Requirements

Online bachelor’s degree programs generally require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED for admission, and some programs require additional application materials, such as a resume, personal statement, or standardized test scores. This is a four-year degree, requiring about 120 credit hours of coursework.


Undergraduate courses cover topics such as the role of the project manager, strategic goal setting, portfolio management, procurement and contracts, and budgeting. Many project management programs are offered as business degrees with a project management focus. In such programs, students also take more general business classes such as leadership, decision making, marketing, and accounting. Most project management bachelor's programs require a capstone course or a project-based class. In this course, students manage a mock project from beginning to end, developing the project's goals, setting a timeline, assigning teams, creating a budget, and procuring contracts.

Graduates with bachelor’s degrees will typically find lower-level project management positions in management, information technology, accounting, and human resources. Most people who graduate with a bachelor's degree in project management generally begin by working at businesses, government agencies, or other organizations as a manager or administrator taking on small projects. Project management can be an experience-based profession, so after gaining experience, professionals may be assigned to larger projects and can advance to take on more projects.

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Online Master's in Project Management

The online project management master’s degree can be a great way for those without significant project management experience to gain valuable skills to break into the workplace. Graduates will have an edge over those with only a bachelor’s degree and similar professional experience. The master’s in project management degree online is a focused business program that teaches the particular skill set for starting, maintaining, and finishing large projects within an organization. To learn more about online master's programs in project management, see our master's overview which includes a list of the best programs.

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Online Doctoral Degrees in Project Management

Online doctorate level programs take a more abstract approach to project management while exploring advanced methodologies, systems, and theories. Programs will often incorporate many opportunities for research, which enables students to improve their project management practices.

Program Requirements

Applicants to most project management doctorate programs must hold an accredited master’s degree and have at least five years of professional management experience to be considered. The college or university will need to see official transcripts of all postsecondary work the applicant has done, as well as a resume and letters of recommendation. Some schools also request a personal essay as part of the application package. The 16-course program and dissertation can be completed in three to seven years.


Students enrolled in a project management doctorate program will take courses in knowledge management, project management leadership, project procurement and ethics, data analysis and interpretation, and systems modeling and the nine schools of project management. Other courses in the program focus on research methods and the philosophy of knowledge. Doctoral candidates must also write a dissertation as part of their program. The project will be approved and supervised by a faculty member, who acts as an advisor. Each student's work must be orally defended in front of a jury before the doctorate will be granted.

Graduates from this type of program will be qualified for positions as university professors, or they can take on roles as mentors and researchers.

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Online Certificates in Project Management

Online project management certificates are graduate-level programs aimed at providing a focused education in the leadership and management skills needed to oversee complex projects. These programs typically require 5 to 10 courses and can be completed in a year or less. Most are offered through business schools or university extension programs. Applicants need an accredited undergraduate degree; some programs require a year or more of professional project management experience.

Students in Project Management Institute-certified programs can use the course credits toward the PMP exam educational requirement. Project management certificates can also be used as professional development units if they meet certain criteria.

The courses in the project management certificate focus on the unique leadership, planning, and management skills required to lead large projects. The foundational project management principles course includes topics like cost management, the different stages of a large project, and project networks. Later courses focus on a particular aspect of management, such as communications, risk management, program management, and quality management. Some certificate programs have a set list of courses, while others include a core sequence and electives. The certificate coursework can also be used as the start of a master’s program at some institutions.

Graduates of a certificate program often work as a project manager. The project management career area is still emerging and specialized education isn’t widely available at the bachelor’s level. Thus, those with a graduate certificate will have a wider array of job opportunities than those with only a four-year degree and similar experience. Other related career areas include construction management, engineering management, or healthcare management. Professionals already working in a professional area can use the certificate to support expanded responsibilities in supervision or project management in their current workplace.

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The Importance of Accreditation

It's important to consider the reputation and qualifications of any project management degree program you're considering, and official accreditation is one way to begin narrowing down your choices. When a school or program is accredited, it means that its curricula, faculty, student outcomes, and general academic standards have been reviewed, evaluated, and deemed acceptable by an independent agency.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the most popular and reputable project management organization. PMI's Global Accreditation Center (GAC) for Project Management Education Programs is the leading accrediting body for project management related education. Committed to excellence, GAC accreditation ensures that programs maintain policies and procedures of project management. Students who attend a GAC accredited program demonstrate to future employers that they have received an enriched education that equipped them with necessary skills, techniques, and experience to succeed as a project manager. PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.), which are organizations that have been approved to provide training in project management, are also strong indicators of a quality education.

Entire institutions can be accredited by national or regional accrediting agencies, or individual PM programs can be accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs. It's wise to refer to the lists of accrediting agencies that are recognized by US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

For more information about the benefits of accreditation, visit the Guide to Online Schools accreditation hub.

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What Should I Know About Professional Project Management Certification?

The certifications offered by PMI are among the most popular credentials for project management professionals. There are eight different certificates available: Project Management Professional, Program Management Professional, Portfolio Management Professional, Certified Associate in Project Management, PMI Professional in Business Analysis, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner, PMI Risk Management Professional, and PMI Scheduling Professional.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is considered the gold standard of project management certification. A Project Management Professional Certification is recognized worldwide and can be attained regardless of industry. The PMP Certification communicates to potential employers that the candidate has an understanding of project management that is consistent with the other members of the organization.

To obtain the PMP certification, experienced project managers must pass a 4-hour exam that consists of 200 questions. All those hoping to be certified must have at least 35 hours of project management education and 7,500 hours experience leading and directing projects or 4,500 hours if the applicant holds a bachelor’s degree. To maintain the certificate, students must earn 60 professional development units every three years.

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What Can I Do with an Online Project Management Degree?

Project managers juggle the moving parts of a project and must be open to rapidly changing environments. They must have an ability to move other people into action and keep them accountable for the progress of a project. Project managers are necessary for many industries including:

  • Healthcare: where they oversee new hospital remodeling projects, assess spending and budget allocation, and transfer doctors between departments.
  • Information Technology: where they design, plan, and carry out software or computer engineering projects from start to finish. This role involves coordinating with multiple companies and the information technology team. Managers troubleshoot problems and make a plan to stay within deadlines.
  • Manufacturing: where they assess risks and constantly make efforts to improve the quality of the product. In manufacturing, project managers might compare products and efficiency against other competing products.
  • Construction: where they work closely with clients to make sure budgets and project needs are met. Building projects are susceptible to alteration every day, so project managers must be able to adapt quickly to changing environments, scope, and budget.


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