2019 Best Online Colleges in Louisiana


This list of schools highlights the best online schools in Louisiana based on their affordable annual tuition rates and alumni salaries. Louisiana Tech University is ranked #1 with the lowest annual tuition of $6,552 and the highest median salary at $92,400. Ranked #7, Northwestern State University of Louisiana offers the most online programs. Students can choose from a variety of 36 bachelors degrees in subjects such as Resource Management, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and more.

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Rank School Annual Tuition Median Salary
#1 #1 Louisiana Tech University $6,552 $92,400
#2 #2 University of Louisiana-Monroe $12,000 $81,100
#3 #3 Southern University and A & M College $9,122 $78,100
#4 #4 McNeese State University $7,559 $75,500
#5 #5 Louisiana State University - Shreveport $8,520 $73,800
#6 #6 Nicholls State University $8,250 $69,200
#7 #7 Northwestern State University of Louisiana $9,600 $68,900
#8 #8 Southeastern Louisiana University $8,267 $66,200
Salary data provided by Payscale Logo. Updated 2018.

2019 Online Colleges in Louisiana Ranking Details

For each school, we conducted manual research to provide prospective students with more details about the schools' online programs. Explore online degrees offered and accreditation information below.

  • Annual Tuition: $6,552
  • Median Salary: $92,400
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Ruston
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Louisiana Tech University, located in the rural city of Ruston, is a public space grant university that conducts germane research for NASA, the Department of Defense, and other national agencies. Founded in 1894, Louisiana Tech's original mission was to train students in the arts and sciences during the Second Industrial Revolution. Over 100 years later it is committed to helping students across all disciplines reach their full potential, whether they be on campus or distance learners. This university offers 15 degree and certificate options in fully online programs spanning baccalaureate and graduate levels.

  • Annual Tuition: $12,000
  • Median Salary: $81,100
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Monroe
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As part of the University of Louisiana System, the University of Louisiana at Monroe boasts a student body that exceeds 16,000 people across a 238-acre campus located off Bayou Desiard. There are a total of 42 online degree programs offered through six academic schools including business, humanities, education, and health sciences. Coursework is organized and administered through the university's web-based portal and myHomework, which helps students take notes and provides tips for success. For an average tuition rate of $8,000 per semester, the University of Louisiana at Monroe is a cost-effective option for distance learning students looking for an affordable degree plan.

Online Associate Degrees (1)

Online Bachelor's Degrees (16)

Online Master's Degrees (30)

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Online Doctoral Degrees (2)

Online Certificate Programs (16)

  • Annual Tuition: $9,122
  • Median Salary: $78,100
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Baton Rouge
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Southern University and A&M College is a public, historically black university located in Baton Rouge. It is home to the internationally distinguished 250-person marching band Human Jukebox, which has been a dominating force for the university since the band's inception in 1947. Created in 1881 as a refuge for segregated students seeking higher education, SUBR continues that mission by offering programs to students searching for affordable degree options through its distance learning program. Their online offering contains eight programs that are offered through the Southern University System and provide 24-hour access perfect for working and professional students. As the flagship school of the Southern University System, SUBR is a great option for an affordable, efficient education.

  • Annual Tuition: $7,559
  • Median Salary: $75,500
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Lake Charles
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Founded in 1939 by a local educator in Lake Charles, McNeese State University is a public regional university that excels in educating its more modest student body in less chaotic classrooms. McNeese also offers distance-based education programs for working adults and busy professionals who want to embark on a degree plan that offers full accreditation and an expert staff faculty. These distance learning options range from fully online to hybrid degree programs that combine traditional, face-to-face class schedules with online instruction. Degree plans offered through the online portal include criminal justice, psychology, management and business administration. McNeese State University also offers certificate and education specialist programs for prospective students who may already have a degree but want additional learning and credential opportunities.

  • Annual Tuition: $8,520
  • Median Salary: $73,800
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Online
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Consistently ranked among Louisiana's top-tier public colleges, Louisiana State University Shreveport is home to almost 6,000 people, most of which are postgraduate students. With accreditation from the internationally recognized AACSB, LSU Shreveport's online MBA program is one of the best and most affordable degree options for distance learning students with an annual tuition of $12,474. Other distance-based options include a variety of education and business programs on the master's level and even an undergraduate program for prospective students interested in general studies. Distance learning students are able to complete the same degree plan and coursework as their on-campus counterparts, while balancing their other commitments.

Online Bachelor's Degrees (11)

Online Master's Degrees (17)

  • Annual Tuition: $8,250
  • Median Salary: $69,200
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Thibodaux
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Named after former Louisiana governor Francis Nicholls, Nicholls State University is part of the University of Louisiana System and is located in the rural city of Thibodaux on a 287-acre campus. In addition to the on-campus location, Nicholls State University offers a nationally recognized online program (Nicholls Online) that includes 15 fully virtual degree plans across all education levels. Tuition is offered to all distance learning students at a flat rate of $302.12 per credit hour for undergraduate courses and $412.13 per credit hour for graduate classes. No additional out-of-state fees are added. Distance learners can earn an accredited degree without putting their lives on pause with these programs intended for working adults and busy professionals.

  • Annual Tuition: $9,600
  • Median Salary: $68,900
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Natchitoches
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Northwestern State University of Louisiana is a public university with its main campus in Natchitoches, a nursing campus in shreveport, and three additional campuses in central Louisiana. The university has an average tuition cost of $10,000 and boasts more than 11,000 students across its global (eNSU) and physical campuses. As Louisiana's largest electronic, distance learning campus, eNSU's web-based portal is designed to bring the same quality education to students across the world. They offer 40 fully online degree programs and six hybrid options. NSU is a proud participant in the Louisiana Transfer Degree Program, which allows students to transfer credits from associate degree programs through Academic Advising Services into one of the university's fully online bachelor's degree programs.

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Online Bachelor's Degrees (37)

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  • Annual Tuition: $8,267
  • Median Salary: $66,200
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • School Type: Non-Profit
  • Locations: Hammond
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Southeastern Louisiana is Louisiana state’s third largest university with over 14,000 domestic and international students currently enrolled through their on-campus and distance learning programs. Southeastern Louisiana offers a few fully online and hybrid degree and certificate programs mainly centered around the fields of nursing and education. These online programs come with access to tutoring services and a 24-hour librarian resource to help students succeed in their self-paced, asynchronous degree plans. Southeastern Louisiana offers the same education it has always been known for with no additional tuition fees for distance learning students, regardless of location.

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Comprehensive List of Accredited Online Schools in Louisiana (27)

The most popular degrees in Louisiana include bachelor's in fields such as criminal justice, business administration, nursing, health informatics, marketing, mass communications and human resources. Students can also earn graduate degrees in fields like business, education, nursing and public administration. By choosing from one or more of these degree pathways, students can prepare for some of Louisiana's top paying jobs that include nurse practitioners, postsecondary teachers, engineers, public relations managers, human resources managers, and management analysts. Individuals who aspire to a nursing career in the state may find that the University of Louisiana - Lafayette fits their educational needs. The university offers an RN to BSN degree and a BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice program. Undergraduate tuition at the university is $9,500 per year.

At a Glance:

  • Each of the schools offering the state's nine best values in education have tuition rates under $13,000 per year.
  • Louisiana residents who attend state colleges or universities can qualify for the TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students) scholarships.
  • Tuition at Louisiana State University - Shreveport, the state's most affordable school, is just $8,500 per year.


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