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2012 Non-Profit Online College Rankings

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While for-profit universities—schools operated by private, profit-seeking businesses—long dominated the online education landscape, more and more traditional and public universities have been creating and expanding online programs. Now many local, community colleges offer online programs, as do many state schools.

To help students who are trying to choose the right school, we have put together this list of the top 25 online, non-profit schools. We've collected data that we think are important for making the right education decision like accreditation, graduation rate, tuition fees, student loan repayment rate, and more.

For more information on how we chose our schools and what the different ranking criteria mean, please check out our methodology section.

Overall Rankings

The table below shows the overall rank of every non-profit school that made our top 30 list. To find more information on any of the schools, simply click the school's name and you will be taken to a page with supplementary information. If you would like to learn more about our ranking criteria and how we used it to make our list, please visit our methodology section.

Rank School School Type Repayment Rate Retention Rate Annual Tuition?
#1 University of Minnesota Non-Profit 96% 91% Annual Tuition $18,709
#2 State University of New York Non-Profit 95% 87% Annual Tuition $16,008
#3 Iowa State University Non-Profit 95% 86% Annual Tuition $19,838
#4 Chadron State College Non-Profit 91% 66% Annual Tuition $9,860
#5 North Carolina State University Non-Profit 96% 92% Annual Tuition $20,953
#6 Missouri University of Science and Technology Non-Profit 96% 85% Annual Tuition $23,666
#7 Northwestern State University of Louisiana Non-Profit 87% 68% Annual Tuition $14,923
#8 University of Houston Non-Profit 92% 83% Annual Tuition $16,518
#9 University of North Dakota Non-Profit 96% 74% Annual Tuition $17,170
#10 University of Nebraska Medical Center Non-Profit 99% 0% Annual Tuition $21,289
#11 University of Kentucky Non-Profit 93% 81% Annual Tuition $19,864
#12 University of Missouri Non-Profit 95% 84% Annual Tuition $23,366
#13 Plymouth State University Non-Profit 94% 74% Annual Tuition $19,460
#14 University of Massachusetts Non-Profit 92% 81% Annual Tuition $23,028 - $26,830
#15 Georgia Institute of Technology Non-Profit 98% 95% Annual Tuition $29,402
#16 Washington State University Non-Profit 96% 82% Annual Tuition $25,382
#17 Michigan Technological University Non-Profit 94% 83% Annual Tuition $27,258
#18 University of Washington Non-Profit 96% 81% Annual Tuition $29,457 - $29,938
#19 Haywood Community College Non-Profit 100% 68% Annual Tuition $8,458
#20 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Non-Profit 97% 94% Annual Tuition $28,664
#21 Brandman University Online Non-Profit 97% 0% Annual Tuition $9,611
#22 Saint Francis University Non-Profit 95% 78% Annual Tuition $28,878
#23 Colorado State University-Global Non-Profit 95% --- Annual Tuition ---
#24 University of Alaska Anchorage Non-Profit 88% 71% Annual Tuition $18,176
#25 North Carolina A&T State University Non-Profit 82% 74% Annual Tuition $15,657
#26 Mississippi State University Non-Profit 92% 81% Annual Tuition $15,828


Our primary goal with our annual rankings is to create a standardized, comprehensive, and trustworthy way to rank schools. With this list, we are focusing on non-profit schools. If you would like to see our full list, please check out our 2012 Online College Rankings, which include both non-profit and for-profit institutions.

Our general ranking criteria is explained on our main 2012 Online College Rankings page. There are 2 differences we would like to spell out here:

  • Only non-profit colleges were considered for this list. We used the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to determine this status.
  • We did not take our student feedback into account when ranking these schools. Many of these schools are new to our site so we have limited data; therefore, we did not want to exclude schools based on this factor.

Other Rankings Data

We rank more than just non-profit schools, so if you're looking for an overall list of the top online schools or military-friendly schools, please check out our other rankings:

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Our tuition numbers reflect data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics.