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We list 2 programs in occupational therapy assisting. The 2 colleges offering these degrees have an average recommendation rate of 66 percent, according to our student reviewers. Reviewers also rated the career helpfulness of individual schools, with school ratings ranging from 26 to 100 percent. 

Certificate Associate Bachelor's Master's Doctorate
Annual Tuition Certificate $15,089 Associate $14,488 Bachelor's $15,131 Master's $15,804 Doctorate $14,186
Annual Earnings (mid-career) -- -- Bachelor's $57,548 Master's $67,535 Doctorate $106,672

Occupational therapy assistant programs are available at the undergraduate level. These programs teach students the skills to work under an occupational therapist to help patients regain necessary life skills and independence. Students take classes in anatomy and physiology, occupational therapy principles, developmental disabilities, human growth and development, assistive technology, and more. Occupational therapy assistants also take part in a clinical internship, which usually lasts a semester or more. Graduates of accredited OTA programs can sit for the national licensing exam to earn an occupational therapy assistant license.

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Find an Occupational Therapy Assistant School
2 Degrees from 2 Schools

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