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These 38 schools offering online and hybrid business degrees all report average GMAT scores of 550 or higher; as GMAT score is correlated with success during and after college, you can be assured that these programs are offered by some of the strongest business schools in the country. Every program on this list is also accredited by the AACSB, the premier programmatic accrediting agency for business schools, which is another important indication of the quality of education. We’ve also included campus locations as well as the total cost of the MBA program for out-of-state students, although the cost for online students may differ.

Lehigh University and Florida International University offer some of the most cost-effective online business degrees, with MBA programs under $40,000. Carnegie Mellon University has the highest average GMAT score of 734, and online students have access to the same resources as campus students, including corporate recruiting support.

Those interested can also browse a comprehensive, alphabetical list of online business programs with filters for degree level and other criteria.

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All schools listed have AACSB accreditation
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What Students Are Saying About the Most Selective Online Business Schools

We asked business students from these top-rated schools about their experiences. If you're considering applying to an online business program, be sure to research what alumni have to say. Ensuring that graduates believe their time and money was put to good use is a great way to verify the reputation of an online business program.

"I thought that the Kelley School of Business curriculum was both challenging and exciting. The materials we learned were relevant, topical, and have assisted me as I've moved forward in my career. I would wholeheartedly recommend IU."

"By offering classes in many disciplines, UNC-CH offers a well-rounded degree for the modern, free-thinking student."

"Unless you are going into finance, I would not suggest CMU. The tuition costs are extremely high and for business degrees in areas other than finance the school is not good at helping you find internships or jobs."

"This was a very good program. All the teachers had something valuable to teach. Many things I learned I could use in my everyday life at work."

"If you are a working adult and seek to obtain your undergraduate degree to further your career, but lack the time to attend on campus courses, ASU Online is a great option. I have compared my experience with my courses taken on campus at U of A and in all honesty, I learned much more through the online studies. People may complain that you don't get enough attention when you work online, but take into consideration the amount of students per the amount of TA's and one instructor. Instructors will reply within 72 hours and your questions will be answered if you utilize the proper routes of communication. As long as you have the motivation and passion to learn, you will succeed."

"If you are looking to enter the field of International Relations (IR)/Foreign Policy/Diplomacy/International Business, there is no better university than Florida International University (FIU). The quality of the instruction cannot be beat; the professors are culled from the best working professionals in the field. I also received my minor in Economics and, again, the instruction was unmatched. I am grateful for the quality of instruction I received there and for the care and attention I received from my instructors and the administration; I am proud to call FIU my alma mater!"

"Bentley brings together the best of technology with innovative thinking, allowing you to grow and mature into a strong, ethical businessperson by the time you graduate. [You will] gain the skills you need to pursue your passions in the business arena at home and abroad."

"UMass gave me the opportunities of a large university, while the Isenberg School of Management gave me the focus and attention of a smaller college. I found my professors to be super accessible and they actually cared to help me and my professional development, which seemed surprising to me given the size of the school. One professor even connected me to my first job out of college and provided a great reference for me as I went on to other opportunities."

"I highly recommend Eller College of Management. There is a selective application process to join the college-- you must pass an admissions test and interviews during the second semester of sophomore year. This weeds out students that don't take academics seriously, which is nice because Eller has a lot of group projects. "


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Our tuition numbers reflect data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Recommendation rate refers to the percent of students who said they would recommend this school based on reviews submitted to our partner site,
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