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Due to its widely applicable nature, business degrees are one of the most popular online programs. We currently feature 792 online business degrees, available through 46 colleges and universities. Business degrees are available from the associate to doctoral level, and tuition ranges from $4,020 to $40,086 a year. In our surveys of online business students, 67 percent would recommend this degree area to others.

Certificate Associate Bachelor's Master's Doctorate
Annual Tuition Certificate $13,260 Associate $14,829 Bachelor's $14,835 Master's $14,753 Doctorate $11,768
Annual Earnings (mid-career) -- -- Bachelor's $73,123 Master's $90,297 Doctorate $107,899

The associate and bachelor's degrees in business cover an interdisciplinary group of subjects like accounting, human resources, marketing, and management, along with liberal arts and science topics. These programs generally lead to entry-level positions in management. The Master of Business Administration is a highly sought-after credential which is required by some employers and is helpful for landing competitive positions in areas like finance, marketing, and human resources. The doctorate degree provides training in research and statistics that is useful for business analysis. Others use the PhD to become professors of business in colleges and universities.

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Find a Business School
792 Degrees from 46 Schools

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