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Accredited Online Colleges Offering Associate Degrees
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University of Phoenix Annual Tuition $9,830 - $12,760 Recommend Rate 57% (810 reviews)
149 Programs, 25 Associates (view all)
  • Associate in Accounting
  • Associate in Accounting Foundations
  • Associate in Business Foundations
  • Associate in Communications
  • Associate in Criminal Justice
  • Associate in Elementary Education
  • Associate in Foundations in Health Care Administration
  • Associate in Foundations in Health Care Administration/Medical Records
Kaplan University Annual Tuition $10,125 - $15,957 Recommend Rate 43% (235 reviews)
149 Programs, 21 Associates (view all)
  • AAS in Accounting
  • AAS in Business Administration
  • AAS in Criminal Justice
  • AAS in Fire Science
  • AAS in Health Information Technology
  • AAS in Human Services
  • AAS in Information Technology
  • AAS in Medical Office Management
Florida Tech University Online Annual Tuition $11,880 - $14,724 Recommend Rate 60% (67 reviews)
43 Programs, 8 Associates (view all)
  • AA Accounting
  • AA Applied Psychology
  • AA Business Administration
  • AA Criminal Justice
  • AA Healthcare Management
  • AA Liberal Arts
  • AA Marketing
  • AS Computer Information Systems
American InterContinental University Annual Tuition $14,043 - $16,147 Recommend Rate 71% (93 reviews)
41 Programs, 2 Associates (view all)
  • Associate of Arts in Business Administration
  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
Liberty University Online Annual Tuition $19,968 Recommend Rate 64% (113 reviews)
193 Programs, 11 Associates (view all)
  • AA: Accounting
  • AA: Business
  • AA: Business Management Information Systems
  • AA: Criminal Justice
  • AA: Early Childhood Education
  • AA: Education (Non-Licensure)
  • AA: Interdisciplinary Studies
  • AA: Medical Office Assistance
Colorado Technical University - Online Annual Tuition $12,368 Recommend Rate 63% (207 reviews)
80 Programs, 4 Associates (view all)
  • A.S. in Accounting
  • A.S. in Business Administration
  • A.S. in General Studies
  • A.S. in Health Administration Services
San Joaquin Valley College Online Annual Tuition $14,415 Recommend Rate 69% (42 reviews)
10 Programs, 5 Associates (view all)
  • Business Administration - Associate
  • Construction Management - Associate
  • Human Resource Administration - Associate
  • Medical Assisting - Associate
  • Medical Office - Associate
Saint Leo University Online Annual Tuition $19,370 Recommend Rate 67% (43 reviews)
33 Programs, 3 Associates (view all)
  • AA in Business Administration
  • AA in Criminal Justice
  • AA in Liberal Arts
Azusa Pacific Online University Annual Tuition $14,400 Recommend Rate Add Review
10 Programs, 3 Associates (view all)
  • A.S. in Health Sciences
  • A.S. in Health Sciences - Emphasis in Nursing
  • Associate of Arts
New England College of Business and Finance Annual Tuition $7,875 Recommend Rate Add Review
9 Programs, 1 Associate (view all)
  • Associate of Science in Business Administration
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