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List of Accredited Online Degree Programs

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Use this comprehensive list of online degrees to find and compare schools that can help you achieve your professional goals. We have over 80 popular subjects covering over 17,000 online programs. Every school we provide information on is fully accredited, which means it meets academic standards set by the Department of Education. We also provide accreditation information specific to each subject, when applicable; not every degree has its own accreditation. Please use this list to research available degree levels, school options, accreditation, certification requirements, and more.

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | V | W
A Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Accounting Schools 156 Degree Programs 393 Accreditation AACSB, ACBSP Annual Salary $108,018
Architecture Schools 10 Degree Programs 15 Accreditation NAAB Annual Salary $84,575
Art & Design Schools 80 Degree Programs 327 Accreditation NASAD Annual Salary $68,530
B Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Biology Schools 44 Degree Programs 81 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $102,912
Business Schools 57 Degree Programs 1,042 Accreditation AACSB, ACBSP Annual Salary $97,202
C Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
CAD/Computer Aided Drafting Schools 4 Degree Programs 5 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $93,498
Child Psychology Schools 18 Degree Programs 21 Accreditation APA Annual Salary $80,294
Civil Engineering Schools 24 Degree Programs 64 Accreditation ABET Annual Salary $107,350
Communications Studies Schools 121 Degree Programs 277 Accreditation ACEJMC Annual Salary $80,434
Computer Science Schools 99 Degree Programs 256 Accreditation ABET Annual Salary $108,322
Conflict Resolution Schools 23 Degree Programs 38 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $84,664
Construction Management Schools 28 Degree Programs 43 Accreditation ACCE, ATMAE Annual Salary $93,947
Counseling Schools 51 Degree Programs 141 Accreditation ACPE Annual Salary $80,032
Criminal Justice Schools 223 Degree Programs 800 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $78,002
D Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Dental Assistant Schools 21 Degree Programs 27 Accreditation CODA Annual Salary $85,167
E Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Early Childhood Education Schools 15 Degree Programs 36 Accreditation CAEP, NAEYC Annual Salary $58,221
Economics Schools 35 Degree Programs 55 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $122,956
Education Schools 32 Degree Programs 394 Accreditation CAEP, CEA, MSA-CESS, NCATE Annual Salary $63,692
Educational Leadership Schools 138 Degree Programs 308 Accreditation NCATE Annual Salary $63,686
Electrical Engineering Schools 49 Degree Programs 124 Accreditation ABET Annual Salary $123,840
Engineering Schools 152 Degree Programs 734 Accreditation ABET Annual Salary $115,221
English Schools 59 Degree Programs 108 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $82,082
Environmental Studies Schools 88 Degree Programs 222 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $84,897
F Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Finance Schools 22 Degree Programs 63 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $124,308
Fire Science Schools 28 Degree Programs 68 Accreditation FESHE Annual Salary $78,041
Forensic Psychology Schools 18 Degree Programs 30 Accreditation APA Annual Salary $59,376
Forensic Science Schools 27 Degree Programs 38 Accreditation AAFS Annual Salary $78,041
G Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Graphic Design Schools 29 Degree Programs 61 Accreditation NASAD Annual Salary $72,110
Gunsmithing Schools 3 Degree Programs 3 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $60,895
H Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Healthcare Schools 40 Degree Programs 189 Accreditation LCME Annual Salary $78,351
Healthcare Administration Schools 44 Degree Programs 197 Accreditation CAHME Annual Salary $81,028
Healthcare Information Systems Schools 18 Degree Programs 31 Accreditation CAHIM, CAHME Annual Salary $76,321
Healthcare Management Schools 35 Degree Programs 134 Accreditation CAHME Annual Salary $84,270
History Schools 7 Degree Programs 23 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $92,774
Hospitality Management Schools 43 Degree Programs 77 Accreditation ACPHA Annual Salary $89,841
Human Resources Schools 169 Degree Programs 361 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $89,925
Human Services Schools 37 Degree Programs 229 Accreditation CACREP Annual Salary $67,906
HVAC Schools 7 Degree Programs 7 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $81,543
I Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Information Technology Schools 36 Degree Programs 240 Accreditation ABET Annual Salary $81,813
Interior Design Schools 13 Degree Programs 17 Accreditation NASAD Annual Salary $66,331
J Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Journalism Schools 15 Degree Programs 20 Accreditation ACEJMC Annual Salary $82,368
L Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Landscape Design Schools 8 Degree Programs 13 Accreditation LAAB Annual Salary $84,708
Law Schools 57 Degree Programs 114 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $84,434
Liberal Studies Schools 295 Degree Programs 1,218 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $83,391
M Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Management Schools 289 Degree Programs 1,446 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $92,993
Marketing Schools 29 Degree Programs 93 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $90,294
Mathematics Schools 57 Degree Programs 96 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $107,337
MBA Schools 167 Degree Programs 630 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $61,690 - $101,650
Mechanical Engineering Schools 35 Degree Programs 79 Accreditation ABET Annual Salary $119,811
Medical Assistant Schools 9 Degree Programs 14 Accreditation ABHES Annual Salary $85,167
Medical Billing & Coding Schools 33 Degree Programs 67 Accreditation ABHES Annual Salary $84,750
Music Schools 23 Degree Programs 33 Accreditation NASM Annual Salary $67,576
N Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Network Administration Schools 42 Degree Programs 72 Accreditation ABET Annual Salary $75,512
Nurse Practitioner (NP) Schools 5 Degree Programs 25 Accreditation ACEN, CCNE Annual Salary $89,960
Nursing Schools 21 Degree Programs 81 Accreditation CCNE, NLNAC Annual Salary $88,225
Nutrition Schools 6 Degree Programs 9 Accreditation ACEND Annual Salary $71,574
O Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Occupational Therapy Assistant Schools 3 Degree Programs 5 Accreditation AOTA Annual Salary $78,387
Organizational Leadership Schools 167 Degree Programs 420 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $93,756
P Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Paralegal Schools 45 Degree Programs 90 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $73,753
Personal Training Schools 17 Degree Programs 32 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $31,720
Pharmacy Schools 26 Degree Programs 35 Accreditation ACPE Annual Salary $107,761
Pharmacy Technician Schools 13 Degree Programs 18 Accreditation ACPE, ASHP Annual Salary $76,321
Philosophy Schools 16 Degree Programs 21 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $78,616
Phlebotomy Schools 3 Degree Programs 3 Accreditation NAACLS Annual Salary $87,935
Photography Schools 5 Degree Programs 18 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $70,933
Physical Therapy Schools 29 Degree Programs 45 Accreditation APTA Annual Salary $78,387
Physician Assistant Schools 6 Degree Programs 6 Accreditation ARC-PA Annual Salary $87,935
Physics Schools 10 Degree Programs 14 Accreditation CAMPEP Annual Salary $114,584
Political Science Schools 45 Degree Programs 82 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $104,373
Project Management Schools 87 Degree Programs 188 Accreditation AACSB Annual Salary $93,756
Psychology Schools 168 Degree Programs 472 Accreditation APA Annual Salary $80,418
Public Health Schools 103 Degree Programs 243 Accreditation CEPH Annual Salary $80,032
R Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Religious Studies Schools 8 Degree Programs 100 Accreditation ACPE Annual Salary $68,707
Respiratory Therapy Schools 12 Degree Programs 17 Accreditation CoARC Annual Salary $85,996
S Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Social Work Schools 58 Degree Programs 112 Accreditation CACREP, CSWE Annual Salary $63,915
Sports Management Schools 15 Degree Programs 49 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $68,109
Substance Abuse Counseling Schools 34 Degree Programs 61 Accreditation CACREP Annual Salary $80,032
T Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Teaching Schools 211 Degree Programs 702 Accreditation TEAC Annual Salary $64,764
V Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Veterinary Technician Schools 16 Degree Programs 25 Accreditation AVMA COE Annual Salary $79,731
Video Game Design Schools 15 Degree Programs 30 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $58,510
Vocational Schools 46 Degree Programs 142 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $92,894
W Online Schools Programs Accreditation Annual Salary
Web Design Schools 40 Degree Programs 62 Accreditation Institutional Annual Salary $85,366

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