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Need help making the right choice for the next step in your education? The good news is that you’re not alone. Across the country, thousands of students stand in your shoes debating the various questions that go along with this huge decision. Is it really wise to commit the upcoming years of my life to online education? How can I know that my tuition will be money well spent? What’s the difference between two separate online schools, anyway?

Guide to Online Schools is here to answer your questions. As a part of the SR Education Group network, this website helps students find the right schools to fit their individual needs. We understand all the hurdles that those seeking an education must jump. Check out SR Education Group’s multifaceted approach to these barriers:


SR Education Group recognizes the promise of for-profit and non-selective, non-profit institutions.  These schools exist to meet the needs of non-traditional, working, adult students.  Unfortunately, many of these schools lack the quality and support to produce capable students.  The answer isn’t to let these schools completely fall by the wayside, but instead to push these schools to become better and better.  We envision a future where anyone who wants a quality education can get a quality education, regardless of their age or position.  Guide to Online Schools is here to help ensure that future.


Guide to Online Schools aims to bring transparency into the world of distance learning and online education. We work with colleges across the United States to provide clear, up-to-date information for the benefit of thousands of prospective students each year. Our company puts the student’s needs first with the goal of ultimately bringing meaningful improvements to the entire non-traditional education industry. Overall, we hope to supply students with the authority to make the right decisions and follow their dreams.


You shouldn’t feel alone while searching for an online school. Through our Online School Reviews, we’ve created a platform for students to give their opinions on schools that they have actually attended. Here, you’ll find firsthand accounts of schools. Some of these reviews are positive; some are negative. In fact, just over half (52%) of our reviews are positive. We give voice to real students because we know you’re listening.  Don’t go it alone.  See what others have to say.


We understand that finances can play a major role in one’s decision to pursue higher education. SR Education Group is proud to provide financial support to students through our monthly scholarships. So far, we’ve awarded $104,000 in scholarship funds. This needs-based scholarship program rewards students for their initiative in becoming educated, active, and invaluable members of their communities.


If you represent a school or agency and are interested in working with us to improve visibility on Guide to Online Schools, visit our corporate site and learn more about our approach.

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Find an Online School
16,456 Degrees from 507 Schools

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